Maaike Bouwman freelance web developer and graphic designer

Your freelance web and graphic designer

For me, understanding the story behind your business is essential to design a suitable website, logo, or identity. As a freelancer, you can hire me per project or per hour.

Online flexibility

Working remotely gives me the ability to work globally. I live in Spain, but many of my clients are located outside my neighborhood. Whether you’re close by or a thousand miles away, I will adapt my process and communication to fit your needs. Besides working on websites, I love to spend my time cooking, gardening or going out hiking in natural areas.

Why hire a professional?

Websites play an essential role when running a business, so it's best to let a professional handle them. I often compare it to owning a car. You want it to run well from the moment you buy it. When it runs into a problem, you take it to someone who knows how to fix it for you. With me as your web developer, you can expect somebody who understands the challenges of designing a professional website. Just like a good mechanic that takes care of your car.


With the latest Adobe design software, I can provide you with high-quality graphics, for both digital publishing and printing purposes.


With the design of a good user interface and user experience, I can lead visitors on your website in the right way.


By using HTML, JavaScript, PHP & CSS I make sure your website is up to the latest standards and trends in web design.



Curious about my work? Visit my portfolio to see some of the websites and graphics I have worked on.

Multidevices with design of beauty website
Stationary items for fashion brand Koppies
Multidevices with design of wellness website